Technical Committees

Technical Committee Members

Rules of Conduct

Membership lists updated 11/3/16

Data Collection

Gregg Bray, GSMFC

Ken Brennan, SEFSC

Mark Fisher, TPWD

Ty Lindsey, LDWF

Beverly Sauls - FWC

Jennifer Cudney/Randy Blankenship, NOAA

Dave Van Voorhees, NOAA

Joe Jewell - MDMR

Nicole Smith - LDWF

Staff Rep.: John Froeschke

Law Enforcement

Major Scott Bannon

Tracy Dunn, SAC

Cynthia Fenyk

Grant Burton, FWC

Nicholas Chavez, FWS

Luis Santiago, FWS

Cpt. Chad Hebert

Lt. Col. Rusty Pittman

Brandi Reeder, Vice Chair/Acting Chair

* Designee for Rusty Pittman - Sgt. Patrick Carron, MDMR

* Designee for Tracy Dunn - ASAC Mark Kinsey

* Designee for Brandi Reeder - Maj. Larry Young

* Designee for Luis Santiago - Stephen Clark, FWS

Staff Rep.: Steven Atran

Outreach & Education

Richard Abrams, FFWCC, Vice Chair

Kim Amendola, NMFS

Bill Balboa, Sea Grant

Julie Falgout, Sea Grant

Bob Gill,Chair

Shelly Krueger, Sea Grant

Joel Lucks

Todd Phillips

David Rainer, ADNR

Melissa Scallan, MDMR

Zack Thomas, TPWD

Danica Williams, LDWF

Staff Rep.: Emily Muehlstein


Donna Bellais

Randy Boggs

Bob Bryant

Michael Drexler

Mark Fisher, Ph.D.

Claudia Friess

Jay Gardner

Debra Murie

Bill Richardson

Beverly Sauls

Russell Stewart

Ted Switzer, FWC FWRI

Staff Rep.: Ryan Rindone

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Persons are ineligible for membership on any committee or panel if that person has been convicted of a felony offense and my be disqualified if determined to have violated any federal or state marine resource law or regulation.