Spiny Lobster


Spiny Lobster
Panulirus argus

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Where found: Spiny lobsters occur from North Carolina south to Brazil including Bermuda, the Gulf of Mexico, West Indies and Caribbean. The northernmost extent of the range is North Carolina (Williams 1984). Spiny lobsters are most commonly found in coastal and shallow continental waters to depths of 295 feet or more.

Possession and Size Limits: 3” carapace. Must measure in water. Removal of tail prohibited at sea. No spears, hooks, or piercing devices. No taking of egg-bearing spiny or slipper lobsters.

Size: Reaches a maximum length of approximately 1.47 feet, but is more commonly found at lengths of approximately 7.9 inches.

Stock Status: Spiny lobster is neither overfished, nor experiencing overfishing (SEDAR 8B).  No assessment of spiny lobster is currently scheduled.