Epinephelus niveatus

Illustration and Copyright by Duane Raver

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Description: The coloration of this species varies with the size of the fish. Smaller fish are dark brown overall, punctuated with coin-size pearly white spots on the sides. A distinctive black, saddle-shaped blotch occurs on the caudal peduncle and extends down below the the lateral line. Larger snowy groupers usually lose the white spots and caudal saddle and become dark brown with a slight coppery tint. The spiny portion of the dorsal fin has a black margin.

Where found: OFFSHORE over reefs and rocks; Distributed in the western Atlantic from Massachusetts to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico, the Lesser Antilles and the northern coast of Cuba.

Possession and Size Limits: 4 per person in aggregate of all groupers, No size limit. Captain and crew prohibited from retaining bag limits of any grouper while under charter.

Federal Recreational Season: None

Size: common to 70 pounds.

SEDAR Stock Assessment Information