Essential Fish Habitat Amendments

Essential Fish Habitat (EFH)

This amendment is to all seven (7) FMPs. It describes the habitat constitution that is essential for each life history stage of 26 representative species, which result in most of the landings from the Gulf. It describes the habitat types and distribution, threats to these habitats, predator-prey relationships, factors resulting in EFH losses, conservation and enhancement measures for EFH, and recommendations to minimize impacts from non-fishing threats.

October 1998 EFH Amendment 1 (no appendices) (pdf - 698 kb)

March 2004 EFH Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) - Text Only

2004 Essential Fish Habitat Appendices

March 2004 EFH EIS Section 8 - Tables

March 2004 EFH EIS Section 9 - Figures

March 2005 EFH Amendment 3 (pdf - 3313 kb)

EFH 5-Year Review - October 2010 (pdf - 3564 kb)

EFH 5-Year Review - December 2016