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Tampa, Florida - June 18, 2002 -Secretary of Commerce Don Evans yesterday announced the appointment of three members to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (Council). The Council works in partnership with the federal government to manage the nation's ocean fisheries and is one of eight regional councils. The councils, established by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (Act) in 1976, use a public process to prepare fishery management plans for marine fish stocks in their respective geographical areas of responsibility. The management plans are submitted for review by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and approved by the secretary.

The Council includes members from the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The appointees for 2002 are for three at-large seats and include:

Dr. Claverie and Mr. Fensom are reappointments to the Council while Mr. Hendrix is a new appointee. The following are brief biographies on the appointees:

Maumus F. Claverie, Jr., New Orleans, Louisiana. An attorney currently practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Claverie is a lifelong Gulf of Mexico recreational fisherman and is a current member of the Gulf Council. He has been an active member of many fishery management groups including being a past member of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Commerce, past member of various Gulf Council advisory panels (Billfish, Swordfish, Data Collection, Mackerel, Red Drum), a member of the L.S.U. Marine and Coastal Fisheries Advisory Board, and a member of the Advisory Committee to the U.S. Delegation to ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas).

James B. Fensom, Panama City, Florida. An attorney with Barron, Redding, Hughes, Fite, Bassett, Fensom, Sanborn, and Kiehn, P.A. Currently, he serves as Council Vice-chairman. Mr. Fensom lives on Floridaís Gulf coast and has enjoyed recreational fishing most of his life. He understands the concerns of commercial and recreational fishermen and believes that a balance of harvest and conservation can be reached in a manner to satisfy all interests.

Joseph P. Hendrix, Jr., Harlingen, Texas. Director for Aquaculture Projects, MCMI Foods/Caribbean Seafood of America, Inc., San Antonio, Texas. He also serves as the technical manager for Cultivos Morales, an MCMI shrimp production facility in operation along the Pacific coast of Mexico. Mr. Hendrix has

experience in the international aquaculture/mariculture sector including seafood culturing and marketing. He is a member of both the World and Texas Aquaculture Associations, and has served on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Gulf of Mexico Program.

Council members apply their experience and knowledge of regional U.S. fisheries to the immense challenge of rebuilding and sustaining marine resources for future generations of Americans. The Council members represent diverse interests, including commercial and recreational fishermen.

Terms of the Council members expire annually on August 10. On behalf of the Secretary of Commerce, the Regional Administrator of NMFS solicits nominations from the governors of fishing states and oversees the annual appointment process. Governors must submit completed gubernatorial nominations by March 15, and the secretary announces the selections by June 27. New members will take their seats on August 11.

Under the Act, the Secretary of Commerce selects a Council member from the group of gubernatorial nominees for each appointed obligatory and at-large seat that has become vacant due to an expiring term, a resignation, or other reason. Obligatory seats are state-specific, while at-large seats are regional in scope.

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