(The following U.S. Coast Guard press release is being distributed by the Gulf Council at the request of the Coats Guard.)


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New Orleans, Louisiana - April 15, 1999 - The Coast Guard is reminding mariners, particularly commercial fishermen, of the inherent dangers associated with entering spaces that are not adequately ventilated.

The three man crew of the fishing vessel POSEIDON was found deceased Sunday in the vessel's hold, by a Coast Guard boarding team. POSEIDON was underway in the Gulf of Mexico at the time. Thee exact cause of death is unknown at this time, but is currently under investigation. Several possible causes are being considered, including asphyxiation.

Personnel. from Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Mobile, AL., are conducting a joint investigation with the Centers for Disease Control and other Federal and State agencies into the deaths.

This incident should serve as a safety reminder of the inherent dangers associated with working aboard commercial fishing vessels. People, working aboard fishing vessels should exercise caution prior to entering any hold or enclosed spaces.

If you discover an unconscious crew member in an under-ventilated space, proceed with caution after determining the space is safe to enter, and immediately contact the Coast Guard via Channel 16.