Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Information

Contacts for Oil Spill Information

  • For NOAA media inquiries, please contact Keeley Belva at or           301-713-3066
  • For response inquiries, please phone the Joint Information Center at 985-902-5231 or           985-902-5240
  • To report vessel contact with oil, oil on land, or for general Community and Volunteer Information, please pone 866-448-5816
  • To report oiled or injured wildlife, please phone 866-557-1401
  • To discuss spill related damage claims, please phone 800-440-0858
  • BP is asking fishermen for their assistance in cleaning up the oil spill. BP is calling this the Vessel of Opportunities Program and through it, BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. Fishermen should phone 425-745-8017


Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: NOAA Modifies and Extends Commercial and Recreational Fishing Closure in the Oil-Affected Portions of the Gulf of Mexico

Useful Links:

Other Information:

I.  Joint Information Center 1-866-448-5816

II.        *BP* has released the following information for those who have inquiries:

  • To report oiled wildlife, please call 1-866-557-1401
  • To discuss oil related damage, please call 1-800-440-0858
  • To report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information, please call 1-866-448-5816

III.        Facebook Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteers:

IV.        ALABAMA:  
            “Volunteers are NOT yet needed, but we are collecting the contact info of people who want to assist in any clean-up efforts. We will be in  touch with interested volunteers when we have a better idea of what kinds of volunteer assistance will be needed.”

Report all marine mammal and turtle strandings as quickly as possible to the appropriate network:

  • Sea Turtle strandings call: 866-732-8878

V.        LOUISIANA:


  • Mississippi Department of Marine Resources 228-374-5000  
  • Institute for Marine Mammals (IMMS): Facebook Post 4.30.2010

       * If you would like to assist IMMS with oil spill response you can sign up to become an IMMS emergency volunteer. To sign up, send an email with the following information to You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.  
        * Please include the following: name, address, cell phone number, ability to receive text messages, proximity to Gulfport, relevant education or skills (Examples: SCUBA diver, veterinarian or vet assistant, biologist, medical professional, mechanic, operate heavy/special equipment, boat  captain), times and days you are available to volunteer, physical limitations such as medical conditions or inability to lift heavy objects.

  • Report all marine mammal and turtle strandings as quickly as possible to the appropriate network. Dolphins and Whales call: 888-767-3657

VII.        TEXAS:

  • The Texas General Land Office oil spill reporting toll-free number is 1-800-832-8224
  • Galveston Bay Foundation   The Galveston Bay Foundation remains on standby to provide volunteer help in the case of any local impacts from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In that effort, we are collecting name of volunteers who may assist in the effort. If you are interested, please go to the above website and send us your contact information. Volunteers without specific oil spill response training will likely serve in a support role to trained responders and will not come in contact with any hazardous materials. We are monitoring this situation closely and will contact you as soon as the need arises.  If you would like to provide direct help to our sister organization, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, please go to  

VIII.        FLORIDA: Please use the BP Numbers above.

(Working with Mobile Bay Keeper in Alabama)

IX.        Other Contacts:
Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant site

  • Environmental Protection Agency’s National Response Center-If you see or smell pollution related to the Oil Spill call 1-800-424-8802.
  • Number for Wildlife Experts who are authorized to help Tri-State Rescue and Research          302-737-7241 or email
  • If you come across dead birds in the state of Florida please contact the Florida Wildlife Commission by filling out this online form