Closed Areas

The following locations off the west-central coast of Florida are closed to all fishing from November 1 to April 30.

Surface trolling for species other than reef fish is allowed May 1 to October 31.

Madison/Swanson Marine  Reserve

29°17’ N. lat., 85°50’ W. long/29°17’ N. lat., 85°38’ W. long./29°06’ N. lat.,  85°50’ W. long/29°06’ N. lat., 85°38’ W. long

Steamboat Lumps Marine Reserve

Closed to all fishing except for highly migratory species. Coordinates are 28°14’ N. lat., 84°48’ W. long/28°14’ N. lat., 84°37’ W. long./28°03’ N. lat.,  84°48’ W. long/28°03’ N. lat., 84°37’ W. long.

The following locations off the south coast of Florida are closed to all fishing. Anchoring of fishing vessels is also not allowed in the Tortugas sites. The boundaries of the areas are as follows:

Tortugas North Ecological Reserve

Closed areas: EEZ portion of Tortugas North—fishing and anchoring of fishing vessels prohibited. Coordinates are 24°40’ N. lat., 83°06’ W. long/24°46’ N. lat., 83°06’W. long./24°46’ N. lat.,  83°00’ W. long/thence along the seaward limit of Florida’s waters to 24°40’ N. lat., 83°06’ W. long.

Tortugas South Ecological Reserve

Tortugas South—fishing and anchoring of vessels prohibited.  Coordinates are 24°33’ N. lat., 83°09’ W. long/24°33’ N. lat., 83°05’ W. long./24°18’ N. lat.,  83°05’ W. long/24°18’ N. lat.,  83°09’ W. long.